Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities at HTC!
Connecting Neighbors
Are you someone looking to help out your neighbors over the next few weeks?  Or are you currently under the weather or concerned about the current situation we are facing and would like some assistance getting your groceries, medicines, meals, etc.? Either way, we can help connect you with a neighbor!  Your staff here at Heritage Todd Creek would like to put together a list of residents who are willing to help their neighbor, as well as a list of those neighbors that could benefit from the help.  If you are willing and able to help, call the front desk or email Heather or Mallory and have your name put on the volunteer list.  If you could benefit from the assistance please call or email us and provide your information along with what type of services you could benefit from.  As soon as we get the information we will start making connections.

Helping Hands - Sponsored by HTC Women’s Club
If you are a resident at HTC with a major illness or you are recovering from surgery, Helping Hands can provide the following services: 
FOOD: Contact Cathy Radueg at dcradueg@hotmail.com or 970-485-0575.
Three meals a week for four weeks - Salad, Main Entrée and Dessert. The main entrée will be enough for leftovers (two servings for a single neighbor and four servings for a couple). Periods longer than four weeks will be considered on an individual basis.
To start your meal delivery, provide the following information to Cathy Radueg:
a.  How many people you need meals for (up to two people)? 
b.  What time you would like the meal delivered? Do you want it hot or cold?
c.  Any allergies? Are you a vegetarian? Any special food requests?
d.  Please leave a cooler on the porch so the volunteer can leave it if you are not home.
NOTE: When you request assistance, a MEAL TRAIN page will be set up for you. It will list your preferences and allow volunteers to schedule your meal deliveries. If that doesn’t work for you, we will provide you with a written schedule.
ERRANDS: Contact Genie Fligg at gfligg10@gmail.com or 848-459-4864.
Volunteers will help with errands such as picking up prescriptions or taking you to the grocery store. Please note that this is not meant to be a taxi service nor will they provide transportation to the doctor due to potential liability.
Adams County Senior Rides website is 
UBER website is http://uber.com.
WELLNESS VISITORS:  Contact Cathy Radueg at dcradueg@hotmail.com
or 970-485-0575 if you are recuperating and would like someone to check in on you to ensure you are safe or just for some company. 
HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMUNICATIONS -- Contact Judi Frost at 916-326-1044 or  steve_judi_frost@comcast.net. Emails are sent to our membership so that each of us can keep in touch with the member who is in need or with their family, as necessary. The emails are only sent after permission is given to do so by the member or their close relative.
We need your HELP! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Cathy Radueg at dcradueg@hotmail.com or 970-485-0575 and let her know if you are willing to provide meals, run errands, visit residents or all of the above. Provide your email address and phone number. You will be contacted when a resident needs assistance.
See FOOD INFO above for the type of meals we ask you to provide. You do not have to be an excellent cook. It’s just your willingness to help that’s important and if you buy the entire meal at COSTCO, that’s fine, too. We ask that all meals be delivered in throw-away containers to make it easier for everyone.

Volunteer for Warm Hearts Warm Babies
The Wednesday Yarn Crafters donate all items knitted, crocheted, toys stuffed, clothing items sewed (materials given to the group every month to be sewed and then returned). If you like to sew, knit or crochet for babies where items are donated to crisis centers up and down the Front Range please stop by on Wednesdays from 2-4pm in the craft room.

Volunteer Opportunity with TRU Community Care
Come volunteer with the oldest non-profit hospice in Colorado! TRU Community Care has 42 years of experience helping individuals live with advanced illness as comfortably, confidently and fully as possible. Our volunteers provide many supportive services to our patients and their families, including: Companionship, Respite, Music, Pet Visits, Veteran to Veteran Support, Life Review, 11th Hour Vigil and many other exciting opportunities! Our volunteers are an integral part of the care we provide. Join our team today by visiting our website, calling (303) 604-5226 or e-mailing volunteer@trucare.org for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care Volunteers Needed
Join a growing network of volunteers providing compassionate care for people suffering from life-limiting illness.  Volunteers provide companionship and support to patients and families—by visiting, providing companionship, reading aloud, sharing memories (life review), sitting with a patient so caregivers have free time (respite), helping record life history, playing games, creating a legacy project, veteran-to-veteran care, or sharing a quiet moment.  Other volunteers provide administrative assistance by helping behind the scenes with mailings, general office support, or phone calls.
Find out what our volunteers have learned – it’s indescribably rewarding and life transforming!  Training is provided, as well as ongoing support and education. Hours are flexible, depending on your schedule. Contact Linda Freund at lfreund@seasons.org or 720-504-1309 for more information.

Miss Having a Pet but Don’t Have Time For a Full-time Dog or Cat?
Consider one of the many volunteer opportunities at the Adams County Animal Shelter, which is a close-by, no-kill, very compassionate local shelter. They have volunteer positions in many areas: walking dogs, surgical assistant (no experience necessary!) fill treats/treat boxes, monthly vaccination clinic, foster tiny kitties, cats or dogs, help with special offsite events, etc.
You can call people here in our community for more information: Connie Simonds (303-995-0717) or Jan Rauker (303-495-3012) to learn more about the different positions available.

Box Tops for Brighton
As a concerned community, we would like to collect box tops from cake mixes, cereal boxes, etc. for the schools in Brighton. Every box top will give the schools a little more money for desperately needed supplies. Please take a little time to help. There is a small box in the library for any donations you can contribute.
Meals on Wheels
Brighton’s Meals on Wheels program is in need of delivery drivers, both on a regular and substitute basis.  By volunteering approximately 2 hours on a weekday, you can help brighten the lives of shut-ins, the elderly and/or disabled residents in Brighton. Connie Simonds (303-995-0717) and Nora Cordrey (303-659-2209) would be happy to answer any questions you may have and put you in touch with the coordinator of the program.  Please consider serving our Brighton neighbors by volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

An Opportunity to Give Back
Volunteers needed for Sister Carmen Food Bank
Contact Don Vollmer 303-835-2505
Enjoyable and Rewarding!

Animal Shelter Collections
Geri Anderson, an HTC resident, is collecting towels, blankets, rugs and any pet supplies for the Adams County Animal Shelter. You can drop your donations at 15194 Ulster Way, or she is happy to pick them up. Contact Geri Anderson at 803-280-5457.

Can Pop Tops Wanted for Charity
Please save aluminum can pop tops (beer, soda, soup or fruit) and drop them off when you have a bunch. There’s a black flower pop container behind the north side column on Ralph Hinkson’s front porch at 15089 Verbena Street. It is fun to walk out and find that someone has dropped off a bag of pop tops.  Funds from those collected go to the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks for all you’ve dropped off – you can even keep the bags for reuse.