Fitness and Wellness

We offer a wide variety of exercise and fitness classes here at Heritage Todd Creek. Everything from dancing to yoga to water aerobics, we are always expanding our list of activities we offer to best suit the needs of our residents. Check below for each class we offer and more information about them!

Dance Classes

Contacts:  Judi Frost:
or text at 916-316-1044

Participation is by sign-up only!  Please inquire to be put on a contact email list to participate in any of the classes.  Class size is limited to 18 or less and no fee to attend classes.  Masks required per HOA guidelines.

Tuesday: 12:50-3:50
•    12:50-1:30 (Absolute Starter)
•    1:30-2:30 (Starter +/Beginner)            
•    2:40-3:50 (Beginner /Beginner +)

Thursday: 1:00-4:00 
•    1:00-2:15 (Beginner +/Improver)
•    2:30-3:30/3:50 (Improver/Intermediate/Performance)
(The class will focus on dance routines when we are preparing for a performance.)
Class Descriptions:
Absolute Starter:   For all Absolute Beginner Dancers who need to learn basic line dance steps.
Starter+/Beginner:   For Beginner Dancers who need slower-paced dances.
Beginner +/Improver:   For competent dancers who have mastered basic line dance steps. 
Improver/Intermediate:   For experienced dancers and those who want a challenge.

Dance Workshop Coming March 24!
Dates:   March 24 thru April 28, 2022.  (6 weeks only)
Time:   Thursday, 4—5 pm
This class will focus on an introduction to line dance steps and easy Starter dances.
After the completion of this class students are encouraged to join a Beginner class offered by the I Love Dance program and/or by other line dance instructors at HTC.
Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students and sign-ups will begin on March 1, 2022.
For more information contact Karen Hermanson:   208-251-2076 (text or cell);


Tuesdays & Fridays  |  10:00 am—11:50 pm
For beginners looking to learn the basic steps and terminology. We learn easy, starter dances. The first 30 minutes of class is for ultra beginners. No fee to attend.
Contact John Hamilton at 909-835-5802


Mondays | 1:30 pm—3:00 pm
Saturdays |  10:00 am—1:00 pm

This class is an Improver/Intermediate fast-paced class. We dance an average of 8,000 steps per 2 hr class. Knowledge of basic steps highly recommended.
Contact Kathy Hamilton at 
909-835-5801 or

Mondays  |  6:30 pm—8:00 pm
High Beginner/Improver
Contact Christy Conover at 303-601-6248 or

Health, Fitness and Aerobics Classes

Restorative Yoga
  • Monday  |  10 am - 11 am
This morning workout includes moves that your back physical therapist uses, balance, stretching, cross-brain training and breathing seamlessly included in an hour-long (or 45-minute short version) DVD that you should try. It is drop-in attendance to give your week a start and it is FREE! All are welcome, so if you aren’t a regular you might give it a try.
  • Genie Fligg:
  • Kathy Coombe:

Open Aerobics
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday  |  8 am - 9 am
  • Vickie Foster: 720-270-1326 or
    Bonnie Milano: 720-530-3213

Stretch, Balance & Core
  • Wednesday  |  11:15 am - 12:15 pm
  • $5/class | $40 / 8 Class Package
Join resident and seasoned Pilates instructor, Kari Tannis, for a fun, easy-paced class.
Stretching may not be the most exciting part of working out, but doing flexibility work is just as important for a well-rounded fitness routine.  Incorporating some stretching, balance, and core workout into your life will help improve flexibility, reduce tightness, and ultimately, make your daily living more efficient, safe, and pain-free.
Minimum of 2 participants, so please email Kari to RSVP in advance.  You can reach Kari at 

Ping Pong
  • Wednesday  |  1 pm - 4 pm in the Aerobics Room
  • Robert Eisenberg: 818-425-5923 or

Tennis and Pickleball

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

June 1 - Sept 20  |  7:30 am - 9:30 am
Sept 21 - Dec 20  |  10 am - 12 pm
Dec 21 - May 31  |  12 pm - 2 pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

June 1 - Sept 20  |  7:30 am - 9:30 am
Sept 21 - Dec 20  |  10 am - 12 pm
Dec 21 - May 31  |  1 pm - 3 pm
Courts are available for general use all other times. Guests must be accompanied by a resident.
Questions? Contact Mary Ann Hicks (303-257-1111) or Steve Thweatt (720-525-8638)

Aquatic Fitness

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  8:30 am-9:30 am
No Fee or RSVP required.
Contact Mary Lou Vollmer: 303-835-2505

Resident Personal Trainers

Rebound Fitness - Personal Trainer, Matt Miller
Matt Miller is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer as well as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Matt’s practice specializes in Post Therapy and Translational Programming and has extensive experience working with chronic disabilities and recent injuries. Matt is the owner and founder of Rebound Fitness at For over twenty years, Matt Miller has worked to provide fitness programming and recreational opportunities to those who have chronic disabilities or more recent injuries. A certified therapeutic recreation specialist since 1999, Matt has helped clients and program participants relearn skills or ways to compensate for lost abilities due to chronic or long-term disabling conditions, as well as regaining functioning lost after a recent injury or surgery. Also a certified personal fitness trainer and as the owner and founder of Rebound Fitness, Matt specializes in post-therapy training or medical exercise, teaching clients ways to strengthen and move, making improvements in balance and stability, and showing how to “rebound” back to a safe and satisfying level of functioning. Matt’s greatest satisfaction comes from a client who is able to work past difficulties like these and continue on their own, making improvements that “just make life easier.” Contact Matt today! 720-402-0900 or
Personal Training with Chris Kramer
Chris Kramer, AAI/ISMA certified master trainer, former IFBB physique and figure pro is here to help you with your health and fitness needs! Grab a few friends, a sibling, or even your spouse and share the journey to better health! Workouts are tailored to your individual needs and will include things like muscle work and cardio segments to help you with your specific goals or just better overall wellness! Contact Chris today to set up a group or personal training session! or 970-405-7285.
Resident Therapy Available
Resident Irma Ponti-Cowperthwaite would like to offer her services to other residents here at Heritage Todd Creek.  Her credentials are MA, ECE, MCSW in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Psychoanalysis and Child Development Specialist.  Her home is to be a safe spot for conversation and she has recently created an office to sit and talk with others.  Appointments by phone: 303-803-7853.