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Looking for a map of the community? Look no further! 

Community Maps with Responsibility Labels

Heritage Todd Creek Community Maps
These maps are for Heritage Todd Creek residents to help identify the
owners of parcels and property within the boundaries of Heritage Todd

The maps use Adams County and City of Thornton data as of August

As noted on the maps, they are not legally binding on any party and
cannot be relied on for any legal or regulatory purpose. They are for
general reference only.

While not legally binding, residents should find it helpful to have a
general perspective on property ownership within our community.

Heritage Todd Creek Metropolitan District 
Certain parcels and properties identified as owned by the Heritage Todd
Creek Metropolitan District (yellow) are still under the control or
responsibility of Lennar. These are mainly in the newer section of HTC,
the NE section map, but also include areas in the SW section map.
Ultimately the Metro District will have full control and responsibility for
all areas colored yellow. A timeline for that step cannot be predicted. If
you have questions about these parcels and properties please contact
Advanced HOA, the Metro District management company.