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2024 Winter Darts

Hello and welcome to HTC’s 2024 Winter Dart League! This page includes everything you need to know including weekly schedules, division assignments, contact information and the tournament bracket.  
We are excited to kick off the fun and look forward to a great 8 weeks of darts! If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact Mandy mthomas@keystonepacific.com or (720) 230-4700! 
Good luck!
Your HTC Lifestyle Team

Click the link below to view the current league standings! Select the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the Afternoon or Evening League standings. Please email Mandy at mthomas@keystonepacific.com with any questions or corrections!

Guidelines - General League Information

What about tie-breakers? I need to reschedule a match? What do I win? Everything you need to know is included in the League Guidelines!
The intent of the league is that all matches are played during the scheduled match time, it is more fun to play with the group and scheduling make-up matches is unfair to your opponent. But we understand life happens and there will be occasions that you need to schedule a make-up match. Contact the Front Desk to schedule a room for a make-up match. Our rooms stay very busy during the week. Friday evenings and weekends are great opportunities to schedule make-up matches as the Clubhouse is usually pretty quiet. Any matches that are not made up will be scored as a forfeit. Substitutions are not allowed.

Division Schedules and Contact Info

Teams are divided into divisions of 8 teams each. This year we have 3 Divisions in the Afternoon League and 4 Divisions in the Evening League. Each team will play every team in their division once. Teams are randomly sorted into divisions using an online name picker app.
Below are the Division schedules including contact information for each team.

Sample Scorecard

Please return one scorecard per match to the Front Desk.
Below is a sample scorecard. The winning team will have a score of 0 and the losing team will have the number of points they had remaining when the winning team went out. We will use set percentage and points if needed to break any ties at the end of the season so it is important to capture the number of sets played and points scored and not just the win/loss. Gold star to Stout and Watts for their perfect scorecard!

Final Tournament

Our own version of March Madness! The top 2 teams from each division will advance to the playoffs on April 10. Teams will be seeded based on their record during league play. Spectators are welcome to come cheer on their friends!  
The tournament bracket will be shared prior to the tournament!